Georgia Pest Decontamination Services

Searching for Pest Decontamination Atlanta GA? Perimeter Wildlife Control offers Pest Decontamination services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Insulation Decontamination in Atlanta, GA

Let’s face it!! Animals are dirty & carry diseases. At Perimeter Wildlife Control, we don’t only specialize in animal removal, but cleaning up their mess as well. The bottom line is ALL animals can cause diseases that are hazardous to you, your family, & even your pets. See a list of animals, information about them, & the diseases they can cause here. We are capable of removing & replacing all damaged insulation from your attic or crawlspace. During this process we will also sanitize the area to remove the odor of urine & droppings, so that you do not continue to have a scent trail for other animals to follow back in to your home. Without a sanitization program, that scent trail WILL continue to attract other wildlife to try to enter your home. It’s nature, they are just following their noses. Call today & schedule a technician for an Insulation Estimate. In addition to diseases & odors, insulation is vital to how your home dissipates heat & cold. Have your home insulated today, & begin saving on energy costs immediately. The federal government is also giving tax breaks for energy saving changes you make to your home. Right now, you will receive 30% back on taxes up to $1500.00, when you make your home more energy efficient.

Attic dwelling animals leave behind bio-hazardous waste. Animals leave their scent behind – leading in new animals.

Perimeter Wildlife Control will thoroughly treat the contaminated area with a special enzyme-based biological decontaminating agent, applied with a broadcast sprayer. This will neutralize the odors and pheromones the animals leave behind, as well as aide in the decomposition of organic matter, helping to decontaminate the affected area. This treatment also destroys parasites left behind that can affect your pets, kills mold that can decay wood, and destroys zoonotic diseases such as raccoon roundworm eggs or histoplasmosis spores on nuisance critter droppings, which can infect humans.