Georgia Leafproof Gutter Protection

Searching for Leafproof Gutter Protection Atlanta GA? Perimeter Wildlife Control offers Leafproof Gutter Protection services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Leafproof & How It Works

Gutter Protection Services in Atlanta, GAImagine slowly tilting a glass of water, what happens to the water? Gravity & the laws of physics play a part in how water travels on inclined materials. The water runs down the edge of the glass, & every drop travels along the glass until it hits the bottom & drops off. Leafproof was designed with this concept in mind.

The roof of the structure & the Leafproof panel it self become the glass, the water travels along the surfaces & upon contact with the patented S-Bend technology only available with this system, the water is drastically slowed down, & is then all directed into the gutter by Leafproof.

In regions of the United States, where rainfall can be torrential, water overflow is a common problem of most gutter systems. Enter Leafproof XP for Xtreme Protection!! Leafproof XP was designed to handle ANY downpour no matter how heavy. The preforations along the top of the panel combined with the patented S-Bend technology allow the fast moving heavy volumes of water to continue to be directed in to the gutter, without causing a sheet of water to flow over the gutter & cause possible erosion problems. The custom inside mitre corners in conjunction with on-site manufactured diverters & endcaps, make Leafproof XP capable of handling the hardest rain storm travelling down the steepest valley of a roof with no overflow.

Not only does Leafproof protect your gutters & other crucial elements of the construction of your home, from water & debris, but it also protects your home from the entry of nuisance wildlife into attic, storage, & wall void areas. The protection Leafproof provides is due to the installation process, the Leafproof panels interlock with one another; & the installation of custom fabricated end-caps completely seals the inside of your gutter. This in turn, prevents animals from accessing the ever common roofline or builders gap that is located where the fascia boards meet the roof decking on most homes. Leafproof also prevents the roosting or nesting of animals in your gutters.

With a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty on the finish of the panels, Leafproof becomes an A++ investment for protection of your home & property from critters, leaves, debris, & water run-off.