Pressure Washing | Atlanta GA

Pressure Washing Atlanta GA PollenPressure Washing Atlanta GA: Anyone that has been in the state of Georgia for longer than 1 year knows how bad allergy / pollen season can be. As a matter of fact, Georgia ranks in the top 5 states for the worst allergy / pollen seasons. The image to the left is a screen shot of the pollen count on the first day of Spring 2012, that’s 9369 particulates of pollen per cubic foot of air; that’s alot of pollen. Pressure Washing is a great way to wash away the pollen, dirt, grime, mold or any other dirtiness that sticks to your home, driveway, patio, deck, fence, etc. The image to the right is familiar to all “Atlantians”, a pollen coated porch on the first day of Spring 2012.Pressure Washing Atlanta GA Porch


Perimeter Wildlife’s state of the art pressure washer blasts away dirt at a force of  3800-4000 psi. We can also do a chemical wash on your property to clean things up faster & maintain them cleaner longer. Call us today for pressure washing in Atlanta GA, rates start at .28 cents per square foot & decrease to as low as .15 cents per square foot depending on total footage.