Georgia Skunk Removal

Searching for Skunk Removal Atlanta GA? Perimeter Wildlife Control offers skunk removal and skunk control services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Skunk Removal | Atlanta GA

STRIPED SKUNK: Skunks are well known for their strong odor. They frequently choose to live under homes and decks, sheds, or porches. They cause a problem with their odor, particularly during the mating season. They also often fall down window wells and get stuck. There are several skunk species in North America, but their behavior is relatively similar. They are nocturnal and ominvorous. They frequently choose to den underneath homes, and they are not particularly fast, so there’s a good chance your dog will catch one and get sprayed, or even get sprayed yourself. Call Perimeter Wildlife Control for Skunk Removal in Atlanta, GA at 770-369-7713.