Georgia Mole Removal

Searching for Mole Removal Atlanta GA? Perimeter Wildlife Control offers mole removal and mole control services in Atlanta, Georgia.

MOLES: There are several mole species in North America, and the Eastern Mole is one of the most common pest moles in Atlanta, Georgia. All moles live under ground and dig a network of tunnels and chambers. They create surface tunnels and deep tunnels. Dirt mounds can usually be found under the living chambers. Moles are small, weighing only about 3-5 oz. and about 6-8 inches long, but they are great diggers with voracious appetites. They primarily eat earthworms, grubbs, and other underground insects. They live for about 3 years. They breed in the winter, but aside from mating, most moles are territorial. They are considered a pest due to their digging.

Perimeter Wildlife Control offers complete Mole Removal services in Atlanta, GA & the surrounding metro areas. We use numerous methods to insure that the removal of moles is successful. No single company can guarantee the removal of moles in Atlanta,  due to it being an exterior pest. Our mole removal technicians take the extra time needed to make sure all areas of your property are mole free.