Nuisance Pest Control for Wildlife Animals & Critters

Need critter removal in Atlanta?

Below are brief descriptions of the most common nuisance wildlife species found 24/7 in the Metro-Atlanta area. These animals typically have a habit of living on or even in human homes and environments. They often thrive in heavily populated areas, and take advantage of human buildings and food sources. Many of these animals can be found living in the attics of homes & other structures.

COYOTESCoyote control and coyote removal are solutions to problems that are are becoming more and more numerous in urban areas throughout Georgia. As people continue to build, we move out into coyote territory, and confine them in our territories.

Raccoon Removal & Control

RACCOON: Raccoons are a common nuisance wildlife species. They frequently enter attics and other parts of homes. They are strong and capable of causing quite a bit of destruction to homes and attics. Female raccoons often enter houses in order to have their young in the springtime.

Squirrel Removal & Control

EASTERN GRAY SQUIRREL: While many types of squirrels can cause nuisance problems, from red squirrels to flying squirrels, the Eastern Grays are the most common. They love to live in the attics of buildings, usually in the winter and later summer, when females give birth to their bi-annual litter of young.

Skunk Removal & Control

STRIPED SKUNK: Skunks are well known for their strong odor. They frequently choose to live under homes and decks, sheds, or porches. They cause a problem with their odor, particularly during the mating season.

Possum Removal & Control

OPOSSUM: Opossums are a common nuisance species because they are opportunistic, and will take advantage of human homes, sheds, decks, etc in order to live and steal food. They are marsupials, and the young grow in a pouch in spring.

Groundhog Removal & Control

GROUNDHOG (WOODCHUCK): A common nuisance species in the more northern states, groundhogs dig large burrows which are often complex, with several entry holes. Groundhogs are rodents, and adults average 8-10 pounds.

Armadillo Removal & Control

NINE BANDED ARMADILLO: These are common nuisance species in the southern states, where they cause problems with their tendency to burrow large holes into the ground.

Mole Removal & Control

MOLESThere are several mole species in North America, and the Eastern Mole is one of the most common pest moles. All moles live under ground and dig a network of tunnels and chambers. They create surface tunnels and deep tunnels dirt mounds under the living chambers.

Rat Removal & Control

RATS: The two common rats species in North America are the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Roof Rats are smaller, with adults usually weighing 6-10 oz. with a body of 8 inches and a tail of 8 inches. Roof Rats tend to live in warmer areas and inhabit areas above ground, such as in trees.

Snake Removal & Control

SNAKESNorth America is home to many snake species, about 130. Most are harmless. There’s 20 venomous species of snake, most of them rattlesnakes. The exceptions are the aquatic snakes, such as the Copperhead and the Cottonmouth, and the Coral Snakes (the red-yellow-black ones).

Bat Removal & Control

BATS: The three most common nuisance (colonizing) species in the US are the Little Brown Bat, the Big Brown Bat, and the Mexican Free-Tail Bat. The former two are common in the more northern states, and the free-tail in the southern states.

Bird Removal & Control

PIGEON: Feral pigeons are very common in urban areas, and a common and well-known city pest. Though some people like to feed them they create a mess with their nesting material and feathers, but most of all, with their droppings, which are unsanitary and which may pose a health hazard.