Atlanta’s most troublsome Critters & Wildlife (part 2): Rats, Mice, Squirrels, & other common nuisance Rodents

Atlanta’s most troublsome Critters & Wildlife: Rats, Mice, Squirrels, & other common nuisance Rodents (part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of Perimeter Wildlife Control’s Atlanta’s Most Troublesome Critters & Wildlife, a blog series. In this edition we talk about some of the most common nuisance rodents we deal with in Metro Atlanta, GA. Let’s get right to it.

The 3 most common rodents controlled with in Atlanta, Georgia by are:

These 3 rodents while 3 totally different animals, are extremely similar in their habits. All 3 will consistently chew on just about anything to keep their teeth sharp, including wood, electrical wires, plumbing, gutters & just about anything else they can get their sharp little teeth on; they will also chew their way into places they would like to take up residence in. Similarly, they will also use attic or crawlspace insulation, twigs, leaves, & numerous other materials they can gather to build nests in attics, walls, soffets, & roofs.

Ultimately, the solution to prevent these critters from entering your home or building is having a wildlife exclusion performed on the structure. Perimeter Wildlife Control’s certified technicians are highly trained in every aspect of animal trapping / removal & exclusion repairs in Atlanta, Georgia. The grade of our premium materials coupled with the A++ craftsmanship & decades of experience of our technicians, allow us to give longer warranties on our wildlife control services, prevention products, & exclusion repairs.


Perimeter Wildlife is available 24/7, 365 days a year & we DO NOT UPCHARGE, not even on holidays or weekends, like some of those other services that claim to provide 24/7 wildlife services in Metro Atlanta. Our mentality is that nature does not run 9-5, so neither do we. Call us 24 hours a day, @ 770-369-7713 to schedule an appointment & find out why we at Perimeter Wildlife Control are “Atlanta’s Premier 24/7 Wildlife Service!!”


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Atlanta’s Most Troublesome Critters & Wildlife – A series of wildlife information blog posts – Introduction….(part 1)

Atlanta’s Most Troublesome Critters & Wildlife – A series of wildlife information blog posts – Introduction….(part 1)
 20130814_101354 deals with a large variety of nuisance critters & wildlife in the Atlanta metro area. These animals are usually in someone’s home but can also be taking ownership of other areas on client’s properties (sheds, storage areas, gardens, etc.). In this series of blog posts we explain the most common critters controlled in Metro Atlanta by Perimeter Wildlife and take a look a some of the biology & seasons these critters are active.

Some of the animals that we will cover in this blog series include but may not be limited to:
Rat droppings on furnace

Rat droppings on furnace specializes in the 24 hour emergency removal of animals in Atlanta & performing wildlife exclusion services or “critter proofing” on homes, buildings, & just about any structure. deals with every aspect of the wildlife control process  including cleaning up the animals mess they left behind.
Pwc performs a full spectrum of residential & commercial critter removal services in Atlanta, Georgia including:
-Animal Clean Up Service
-Decontamination & Sanitizing
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Roof Rat Chew Electrical Wire

Rodent Infestations in Atlanta, Georgia

Searching for Rodent Infestations in Atlanta, Georgia? Perimeter Wildlife Control is “Atlanta’s 24/7 Wildlife Service!!”

Rats, mice & other members of the rodent family including squirrels & bats, are carriers of more than 35 known diseases. These rodents are frequently a nuisance to home & property owners in the Atlanta, GA area. The damages that rodents can cause are not only limited to disease but also cause untold damage to your property (ie: chewing electrical wiring, soiled attic insulation, etc.). Often the first sign of any rodent infestation in Atlanta is signs of droppings. These can be accompanied by scratching noises and even sightings of a rat or a mouse inside your home. At the first sign of a rodent infestation, a 24/7 emergency service call to Perimeter Wildlife Control @ 770-369-7713 can put you on the right track to ridding your home or building of rodents permanently with a wildlife exclusion, animal trapping program, or other service.

Rat Removal & Control

Rat Removal & Control


During the middle ages rats carried the Bubonic Plague and caused untold damage to human lives. Although the plague has long since been eradicated in the Western World, there are still other diseases that rats and mice & other rodents can carry & transmit to humans in the present day including:


Diseases can be carried in one of two different ways, the first is through contact with the waste (ie: droppings, urine, nesting materials) rodents leave behind, just about anywhere they go. The second way is through parasites that rodents bring into the home.

Parasites that the rodent can bring into the home include:

  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Mites
  • Keeping in my mind these parasites can also carry their own slew diseases

There are many ways that you can get rid of rodents in your Atlanta, GA home but critter trapping only deals with the rodents themselves and not their mess. In addition to leaving your attic with soiled insulation & rodent droppings anywhere that they have travelled, the entry points that the rodents used to enter the structure is left unsealed for other rodents or critters to get into your attic, crawlspace, or basement. Only a professional animal removal service in Atlanta, Georgia such as Perimeter Wildlife Control can get to the heart of the problem and ensure your home remains wildlife free long after the rodent infestation has been taken care of.


Many Atlanta, GA pest control services will only eradicate the problem (animal trapping) but not the root cause, which is sealing the structure (wildlife exclusion) & cleaning up the rodent droppings, as well as sanitizing & decontaminating any areas the rodents where able to access. If the wildlife exclusion service is not properly conducted & the scent of the animals continues to attract more animals the rodent infestations in Atlanta will occur continuously. Perimeter Wildlife Control is available for any emergency critter removal 24 hours a day for all residents in and around Atlanta. Call our emergency services / main number @ 770-369-7713 and we can have a licensed wildlife tech out to your property usually within 1-3 hours.


Perimeter Wildlife Control emergency services in Atlanta, Georgia include:

We aim to provide the best possible 24/7 emergency wildlife service in Atlanta, Georgia and this does not just stop with the removal of rats, mice, & critters from your home. A full wildlife exclusion service helps to prevent any further rodent infestations from recurring.

Rat infestations in Atlanta can be classified as an emergency due to the risk to human health. If you believe you have a rat infestation don’t leave it until tomorrow, call “Atlanta’s 24/7 Wildlife Service” that gets rid of the rodents and offers a wildlife exclusion package like no other. Perimeter Wildlife Control | Atlanta, GA!!


For any wildlife emergency in the Atlanta area you can reach Perimeter Wildlife Control 24 hours a day, 7 day a week @ 770-369-7713. You can also visit our website & check out our blog via Atlanta Animal Removal News. If you live outside the Atlanta, Georgia area, you can still follow us!!




24 Hour Emergency Wildlife Removal in Atlanta, GA

Emergency Wildlife Removal in Atlanta Georgia

Searching for Emergency Wildlife Removal in Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas? Perimeter Wildlife Control has you covered with 24 hour emergency pest control services in Metro Atlanta, GA!

While everyone loves nature and the different beautiful creatures that make their homes within it, no one really wants to invite a wild animal to live in their home, garden or surrounding areas especially if they have the potential to cause harm to those within the building, damage to the property or worse, damage to your personal health.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize they have a problem when they see one or two scaly, furry or scurrying critters around. Through reproduction the odd sighting can quickly turn into an expensive and unhealthy infestation leading home and business owners to need fast emergency wildlife removal services for their own peace of mind, safety and that of their families.

What pests will commonly encounter?

Pests can come in many forms, but in Atlanta, Georgia there are certain animals and wildlife that are particularly troublesome. Knowing what to look for can make it easier to eradicate these nuisance pests and have your structure safeguarded to prevent future critter infestations. Due to humans having readily available sources of food and advantageous environments for their survival, it is not uncommon for critters to find their way into residential areas, businesses, schools and churches.

Coyote removal is becoming more common in Atlanta, Georgia due to more buildings taking over their territory. Raccoons are another animal that is commonly known to be a nuisance; from a distance or in a photograph they seem harmless, however when they enter the home it is soon realized just how strong they can be and how much destruction they can cause. Their favorite place for procreation is the attic of homes where it is warm and dry and with a regular food source within the building they will have no desire to leave.

We often think of squirrels as animals that inhabit trees rather than living in a building. However, Eastern Gray Squirrels are one of the most common species to cause problems for residents in Atlanta, because they also like to give birth (twice per year) in the attics of nearby structures. Squirrels are rodents & will chew electrical wiring, duct work, gutters, woodwork and trim, & just about anything else the squirrel can sink its teeth into. Additionally the damage they can cause to attic insulation in a short amount of time is very substantial.

Emergency Raccoon Removal in Atlanta, GA by Perimeter Wildlife Control

Emergency Raccoon Removal in Atlanta, GA by Perimeter Wildlife Control

The skunk’s infamous smell has been depicted in cartoons and definitely in comedies, but it’s not so funny when this animal makes its home under a building where people reside. To attract the opposite sex they emit the odor as well as for protection against predators which, although inviting to their love interest is not so nice for those that live there.

The opossum is a marsupial is also known to be a nuisance in homes & other structures. Unlike many animals that will shy away from humans, these will steal from your food sources and like to live nearby for convenience once they find one.

Groundhogs may have a whole day of celebration dedicated to them because of their ability to predict weather, but you don’t need to be psychic to know that having one digging holes into the ground around properties does not only look unsightly but can also cause expensive damage. With the average adult weighing more than a newborn baby the holes are huge and being a rodent they can multiply fast, as will the damage they cause. Other burrowing pests include the Nine Banded Armadillo and moles which build their homes under the ground in networks, but when surfacing leave mounds above. These deep tunnels can cause problems with the foundations of buildings needing extensive restoration work, as well as damage sod, grass, & other landscaping areas.

One of the most well known species of pests worldwide is the rat. The larger rats can weigh about 10lb or above. Most commonly removed in Atlanta, Georgia, the roof rat follows its namesake but will enter the home at ground level as well as attics to nest, roof rats are extremely acrobatic. They will also enter the living space to find food to bring back to the rodent nest. Rats coming in contact with human’s food supplies can spread disease. In addition, rodents & wildlife cause damage to the internal and external structure of the house while they commute to & from food / water sources and their rodent nesting areas.


Around 130 different species of snake lives in North America, out of all of them there are 20 that are venomous. One or more of these on your property could be extremely dangerous, which is why they should be removed immediately by a wildlife professional to prevent accidents. Most commonly removed snakes in Atlanta, Georgia include Rat Snakes, California King Snakes, Corn Snakes, Copperheads, & Water Moccasins. Timber Rattlesnakes can be found in Georgia, though the Metro Atlanta area does not see many of these aggressive & venomous snakes.


Bats may be nocturnal but can still be a nuisance when they colonize in lofts, sheds, attics, vents, eaves and other properties used by humans and pets. Bats are natural carriers of rabies & are protected by federal law. Removal should only be conducted by a professional animal removal service like Perimeter Wildlife Control. Our wildlife technicians are Georgia Department of Natural Resources certified to insure bats are removed in accordance with ALL laws & regulations. Additionally, the guano (feces) the bats excrete can create numerous health risks in and around your home in Atlanta, GA.
Pigeons in Atlanta are known for being unsanitary but being commonplace in urban areas it’s easy to see how they are also known as nuisance pests to control. Not only do they carry diseases, they have been around humans for so long they are happy to get in close proximity. The sheer amount of them and the availability of food that people drop or put into public bins mean that the droppings are everywhere! Pigeons as well as other birds will, continually return to roosting areas & birthing sites if a solution like Bird spikes, bird netting, visual bird deterrents, noise makers, or other products to control pigeons in Atlanta, GA.


How are the animals removed?

Depending on the type of emergency animal removal required in Atlanta, wildlife can be removed by hand with specialty equipment, the use of humane live traps is common when attempting to “trap and relocate” wildlife to their natural habitat. Animals that pose a risk to the health and safety of humans (ie: rats, raccoons, coyotes) will need to be disposed of to prevent them from causing risks, damages, or injuries elsewhere. After removal, those that were taken from an area where disease could be left behind the contaminated areas can be sanitized as part of a trapping service to ensure the safety of those that live or work in the home or building.

Prevention techniques

It’s one thing to remove nuisance wildlife & control critters and pests 24/7 in Atlanta, Georgia, but another to ensure they don’t return especially when conditions are extremely conducive in the Atlanta Metro area. If the critters made their way in once, they WILL do so over & over again. Wildlife Exclusion in Atlanta, is another service offered by Perimeter Wildlife Control, wildlife exclusions can be conducted as a preventative solution or a remedy to a currently active critter issue. This can be used when moving into a known pest area to ensure infestation and repopulation doesn’t occur in the first place or to a building/area where there have been previous problems.  This is achieved by first sealing any primary areas that may be active entry points as well as secondary areas that will become entry points. Secondly continually trapping animals that may have been left inside when the structure was sealed is important to prevent critters from dying inside walls & inaccessible areas. Finally, Decontamination & Sanitizing of all active areas to get rid of smells that could attract further animals is recommended as well as attic insulation being removed & replaced as needed (soiled with dropping & urine, nesting materials, or non-sufficient insulation levels).

Other Critter Removal services

Other critter removal services offered by Perimeter Wildlife Control in Atlanta, Georgia include:

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Atlanta Weather & 24 Hour Emergency Wildlife Removal


Atlanta weather can play a large part in critter removal. Fluctuations in temperatures can confuse animals as much as it does us humans. Cooler & rainy fall nights can always entice rats, squirrels, snakes, raccoon, opossums, bats & just about any animal to want to enter a home for a warm dry place. As the weather turns colder you are almost guaranteed to have wildlife entering your home.

So what can you do to keep animals out of your home??? ANIMAL PROOF IT!!

24/7 Emergency Animal Removal Atlanta GAPerimeter Wildlife Control provides 24 hour emergency pest removal to the metro Atlanta area. Our service is not like traditional pest control services in Atlanta. We specialize in the removal of animals only, NO BUGS!! Our ultimate goal is to animal proof every home or business we visit. Animal proofing or performing a wildlife exclusion can be as simple as screening exhaust vents or sealing foundation gaps; however, it can become extremely difficult & dangerous when having to seal areas along rooflines & gables 3 or more stories tall.


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Should my Atlanta, GA home be “Critter Proofed”???

Should My Atlanta, GA Home be Animal Proofed???…The answer is YES!!

First things first ALL nuisance wildlife animals, as all life forms have needs (ie: food, water, shelter, etc.). Your property only requires to have 1 of the animal’s needs to attract them to your home or property. At cooler times of the year, shelter becomes quite important to these critters. The animal’s need for shelter, in conjunction with common construction flaws on your home & lax building codes in some areas, all become a recipe for nuisance wildlife to enter your home in Atlanta, GA & the surrounding metro area. Perimeter Wildlife Control in Canton, GA specializes in the sealing of these extremely common flaws, “Animal Proofing” (aka: critter proofing, wildlife exclusion services, pest exclusions).

See Photos below of wildlife exclusion services performed on site at client’s homes in Atlanta, GA…..

Improperly repaired roofline corner

This is NOT animal proof!! Metal previously installed by a roofing contractor, handyman, or simply a “traditional” pest control company, sometimes even the homeowner attempts their own wildlife exclusion.



As you can see from this roofline photo taken in Atlanta, GA. the metal flashing was neither installed, nor secured properly. Perimeter Wildlife Control frequently runs across situations like this animal re-entry. The solution, in cases where the metal is already present, the metal is inspected for strength & a continuous barrier along the home. Areas similar to the one shown in the photo, will be secured & additional flashing will be installed to wrap around the corner.




The most common area for animal to enter your attic. The roofline gap or bulder's gap.

The most common area for animal to enter your attic. The roofline gap or bulder’s gap.As seen in the snapshot above, by simply lifting up the edge of the shingles on your home you can expose your roofline gap. This gap will normally run the entire stretch of the home, usually in places where gutters are located. The solution for this is to install custom fabricated metal flashing & seal it off, ALL metal is fabricated on site to match the pitch of the client’s roof, as well as the size of the gap. It is not uncommon to find structures that have different size gaps all around them. All wildlife exclusion materials are premium products, & all fasteners are non-corrosive.

A/C lines

An HVAC unit on the exterior of your home or structure has lines the need to run into your attic, basement, or crawlspace. These lines are literally a highway from the exterior of your home to the interior walls, & eventually leading into your living space. These areas are sealed in a number of ways, though the most common is a combination of hardwire mesh & silicone or expandable foam. These areas are usually in the top 5 areas sealed along the perimeter of a home. Additionally, gas lines, plumbing, electrical, & even cable fall into this category as well.

All of the areas mentioned above allow nuisance wildlife animals to breach your home. These areas must be properly sealed in order to insure a proper wildlife exclusion & that animals will not make their way back in to your home or structure, if for nothing else, than for peace of mind. In addition to sealing off the entry points, it is essential to trap & remove any animals left inside the home. After a period of usually 2-3 weeks all animals should be removed from the home, at which time the process of clean up & sanitizing can begin. Check out future blog posts for more interesting information on the nuisance critters that take up residence in homes all over Atlanta, GA.


If you require immediate 24/7/365 emergency animal removal in Atlanta, GA; including snakes, bats, squirrels, rats, raccoons, opossum, & all other nuisance critters give us a call anytime @ 770-369-7713.









Snake Removal in Atlanta, GA

6 reasons Snake activity is on the rise in Atlanta, Georgia….

Spring is definitely here, we have seen a significant rise in snake removals & sightings in the last few weeks, in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  This can be attributed to numerous things, first & foremost……..

  1. WEATHER!!The warmer temperatures are waking up the snakes from hibernation, simple enough. Temperatures rise and hibernating animals wake up. Also, recent storm systems have forced all types of wildlife, not just snakes, into client’s homes & businesses across Georgia. All animals have a sense for bad weather, snakes are no different.  Perimeter Wildlife Control provides 24/7 emergency wildlife removal services in Atlanta, GA. CALL NOW 770-369-7713!!!
  2. FOOD!! – If you slept for a few months, you’d be pretty hungry too. Upon waking from hibernation, snakes will consume double & somtimes triple their normal food intake. Snakes will normally enter homes & structures not just for shelter, but because there is likely a food source running around that the client may not be aware of. Chipmunks, field mice, roof rats, & other small rodents will provide great meals for any snake just waking up or taking up residence in the metro Atlanta, GA area.
  3. WATER!! – Some snakes require water to survive (ie: copperheads, water moccasins, etc). Of course, properties with creeks, lake / river access, swimming pools, decorative coi fish ponds & even standing water areas will likely be more suitable for these reptiles to be spotted making a home.
  4. SHELTER!! – Knowing that snakes, like other animals, can sense bad weather; they realize they need to take cover. Sometimes, shelter also happens to be where the FOOD is,  this situation is a “win-win” for the snake.
  5. VACANCY!! – Numerous gaps, cracks, & holes along the foundations of homes & buildings become entry points, allowing snakes to become curious. If it’s an open area, chances are a snake will investigate it. Areas along rooflines & vents can also become an issue due to rodents (ie: rats, squirrels, etc.) entering attics for their own shelter. We have removed numerous snake skins from attics, gutters, eaves, & other hard to reach areas.
  6. PETS?!?!?, NO WAY!! – This spring, a large number of reports have come in regarding very large snakes that resemble pythons. Some reports have noted 8 1/2 foot snakes cruising the streets in a Canton, GA subdivision!! This situation usually arises when an irresponsible pet owner, releases his or her “small” pet python into the wild for reasons unknown. This can be extremely dangerous for children, pets, & even adults!!

All of these conditions, in conjunction with new & ongoing development of roads, bridges, wooded areas, construction, foreclosures, & vacant homes and other structures, are a recipe for encounters with snakes & all nuisance wildlife.


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Perimeter Wildlife Control Announces New Web Design Agency

iSite Marketing, an online marketing company, has been selected as the website agency for Perimeter Wildlife Control. The New Jersey web design and marketing firm was instrumental in the re-design of the new Perimeter Wildlife Control website.

iSite Marketing is honored to work with a premier animal removal company and excited to be involved with a service that have become so widely recognized in the Canton Georgia area.

“As a small company our strength and core focus is with providing personalized attention to each client, while maintaining only the highest level of integrity. Our goal with the re-design of the Perimeter Wildlife Control website was not only to provide a user-friendly desktop and mobile site, but the ability to educate the visitors about the services Perimeter Wildlife offers and why they are unique to their industry.”, says Piombo.

Although the site was just re-launched, the increase in website traffic and the positive reviews prove that the re-design was well worth it.

About Perimeter Wildlife Control

Extensive experience in construction & mechanical systems, combined with the knowledge of the ever changing technologies in the pest management industry, continue to keep Perimeter Wildlife Control atop of the competition in the entire Metro Atlanta area, for 24/7 emergency animal removal & exclusion. Call 770-369-7713 to schedule a licensed Emergency Wildlife Specialist.

Pressure Washing | Atlanta GA

Pressure Washing Atlanta GA PollenPressure Washing Atlanta GA: Anyone that has been in the state of Georgia for longer than 1 year knows how bad allergy / pollen season can be. As a matter of fact, Georgia ranks in the top 5 states for the worst allergy / pollen seasons. The image to the left is a screen shot of the pollen count on the first day of Spring 2012, that’s 9369 particulates of pollen per cubic foot of air; that’s alot of pollen. Pressure Washing is a great way to wash away the pollen, dirt, grime, mold or any other dirtiness that sticks to your home, driveway, patio, deck, fence, etc. The image to the right is familiar to all “Atlantians”, a pollen coated porch on the first day of Spring 2012.Pressure Washing Atlanta GA Porch


Perimeter Wildlife’s state of the art pressure washer blasts away dirt at a force of  3800-4000 psi. We can also do a chemical wash on your property to clean things up faster & maintain them cleaner longer. Call us today for pressure washing in Atlanta GA, rates start at .28 cents per square foot & decrease to as low as .15 cents per square foot depending on total footage.