Georgia Commercial Pest Control Services

Searching for Commercial Pest Control Atlanta GA? Perimeter Wildlife Control offers professional Commercial Pest Control services in the Atlanta GA Metro Area.

Protect your business

Pests can mean big trouble for any business. A single pest can compromise the reputation of any establishment. We understand the importance of prudent and discreet service when it comes to commercial nuisance pest control. We offer your company or business the same quality & consistent service that your customers expect from you. With Perimeter Wildlife Control, you can feel confident knowing your business and the people you serve are safe from nuisance pests & critters.

Our job is helping you do your job

Commercial Pest problems can occur in even the cleanest of buildings & structures. Rodents, bats, birds, etc – can all gain entry through vents, pipes, construction gaps, & open warehouse doors. Discovering one pest means there’s a likely to be more – a colony or nest hidden somewhere. Store bought pest control products may kill a few pests but won’t solve the problem. Eliminating the source of the problem requires trained expertise – the kind of expertise Perimeter Wildlife Control provides to its Metro-Atlanta customer base

Protection & Prevention

The best way to solve a pest problem is to prevent it before it happens. Perimeter Wildlife Control’s wildlife specialists not only eradicate existing problems but also prevent future infestations from taking place. We custom design a plan that works for your unique situation to treat current pest problems quickly without inconveniencing your normal operations.

Exceptional Service

Our Georgia Department of Natural Resources licensed and trained technicians average 10+ years of experience and offer the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. You can be certain that your technician meets the highest criteria for professional excellence; and because our company has a low turn over rate, your technician will be the same every time.