Snake Removal in Atlanta, GA

6 reasons Snake activity is on the rise in Atlanta, Georgia….

Spring is definitely here, we have seen a significant rise in snake removals & sightings in the last few weeks, in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  This can be attributed to numerous things, first & foremost……..

  1. WEATHER!!The warmer temperatures are waking up the snakes from hibernation, simple enough. Temperatures rise and hibernating animals wake up. Also, recent storm systems have forced all types of wildlife, not just snakes, into client’s homes & businesses across Georgia. All animals have a sense for bad weather, snakes are no different.  Perimeter Wildlife Control provides 24/7 emergency wildlife removal services in Atlanta, GA. CALL NOW 770-369-7713!!!
  2. FOOD!! – If you slept for a few months, you’d be pretty hungry too. Upon waking from hibernation, snakes will consume double & somtimes triple their normal food intake. Snakes will normally enter homes & structures not just for shelter, but because there is likely a food source running around that the client may not be aware of. Chipmunks, field mice, roof rats, & other small rodents will provide great meals for any snake just waking up or taking up residence in the metro Atlanta, GA area.
  3. WATER!! – Some snakes require water to survive (ie: copperheads, water moccasins, etc). Of course, properties with creeks, lake / river access, swimming pools, decorative coi fish ponds & even standing water areas will likely be more suitable for these reptiles to be spotted making a home.
  4. SHELTER!! – Knowing that snakes, like other animals, can sense bad weather; they realize they need to take cover. Sometimes, shelter also happens to be where the FOOD is,  this situation is a “win-win” for the snake.
  5. VACANCY!! – Numerous gaps, cracks, & holes along the foundations of homes & buildings become entry points, allowing snakes to become curious. If it’s an open area, chances are a snake will investigate it. Areas along rooflines & vents can also become an issue due to rodents (ie: rats, squirrels, etc.) entering attics for their own shelter. We have removed numerous snake skins from attics, gutters, eaves, & other hard to reach areas.
  6. PETS?!?!?, NO WAY!! – This spring, a large number of reports have come in regarding very large snakes that resemble pythons. Some reports have noted 8 1/2 foot snakes cruising the streets in a Canton, GA subdivision!! This situation usually arises when an irresponsible pet owner, releases his or her “small” pet python into the wild for reasons unknown. This can be extremely dangerous for children, pets, & even adults!!

All of these conditions, in conjunction with new & ongoing development of roads, bridges, wooded areas, construction, foreclosures, & vacant homes and other structures, are a recipe for encounters with snakes & all nuisance wildlife.


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