Atlanta Weather & 24 Hour Emergency Wildlife Removal


Atlanta weather can play a large part in critter removal. Fluctuations in temperatures can confuse animals as much as it does us humans. Cooler & rainy fall nights can always entice rats, squirrels, snakes, raccoon, opossums, bats & just about any animal to want to enter a home for a warm dry place. As the weather turns colder you are almost guaranteed to have wildlife entering your home.

So what can you do to keep animals out of your home??? ANIMAL PROOF IT!!

24/7 Emergency Animal Removal Atlanta GAPerimeter Wildlife Control provides 24 hour emergency pest removal to the metro Atlanta area. Our service is not like traditional pest control services in Atlanta. We specialize in the removal of animals only, NO BUGS!! Our ultimate goal is to animal proof every home or business we visit. Animal proofing or performing a wildlife exclusion can be as simple as screening exhaust vents or sealing foundation gaps; however, it can become extremely difficult & dangerous when having to seal areas along rooflines & gables 3 or more stories tall.


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